About P&T – Precious & Treasured

About P&T

The inspiration for Precious & Treasured was conceived in my heart a few weeks after my first daughter was born. Time seemed to freeze yet slip away all too fast. Every moment spent with her was precious to me. I wanted to treasure those moments forever and be reminded of what a tremendous blessing she is in all seasons of my life.

I began searching for a birthstone necklace that I could wear close to my heart and have a symbol of the blessing she is to me, but found no designs or brands that spoke to me. Knowing that I would like to have more children, I set out to design a necklace that I could wear having one, five, or even more children. Almost two years later, after much thought, time and effort, I finally have my first of many designs completed. I hope you will follow me on this journey and help spread the message that each one of us is precious and should be treasured more than any valuable possession in this world.